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Our warehouse is located in Orlando, Florida. Shipping is from Orlando to the entire US, normally takes 2-5 business days to deliver.

Yes, you should choose Brazilian children's sets!

Why buy Children's Sets?

The children's set is essential for all parents looking for practicality and economy when renovating their child's wardrobe. Instead of buying single pieces, one by one and assembling the look, in the different sets you already have it defined, avoiding many choice processes.

Our children's sets are Brazilian and known as the best in the world,  combining innovation, style and comfort. Our designers provide with the most beautiful possible products, always thinking about the best for children during use!

Our products are 100% manufactured in Brazil, with a delicate process. Our quality test aims down to the last detail for the final product of the highest quality standard.

Here at Rosa Azul Kids you will find a wide range of options to meet all needs, from winter, such as sweatshirt sets, alongside summer, with blouses and shorts. With colors and prints are also, one cuter than the other so that there is no lack of options when choosing the ones we like the most! Colors that won't fade if you follow the washing instructions correctly.

Our product as high quality, made from 100% cotton, which is that does not harm the skin and is hypoallergenic.

In Brazil we deliver more than 25.000 orders per month, and our receive over 200,000 users on the site monthly.

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