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Is shopping at Rosa Azul safe?
Shopping at Rosa Azul Kids is reliable, yes. We grew up with and on the internet, and we think it's amazing the power that this tool makes possible to relate to customers from all over Unitated States. Rosa Azul Kids will always be willing to offer you the best quality product at the best price.

But back to the subject you were researching: how to know if the Rosa Azul Kids store is really reliable? Questions like these are common when shopping on the internet, but don't think that this bothers us, quite the opposite, because this way we will have the chance to show our qualities and prove that we are a completely reliable company.

It is 100% safe to buy at Rosa Azul Kids

Here at Rosa Azul Kids we work for the customer. We seek not only to meet needs, but to exceed expectations. Our goal is to delight and make consumers have the best shopping and service experience.

To be sure that a page is secure, it is not enough to check if there is a server certificate, that is, the presence of the closed padlock in the bar of your browser is not enough.

For your safety, pay attention to two fundamental details:

By clicking on the padlock, verify that the certificate displayed was issued to the same address as the page you are on.
Check the certificate to see if it was issued by a trusted certificate authority.
To issue a Server Certificate, companies perform rigorous data validations to verify ownership of the domain for which the certificate will be issued. If the requesting company does not own the domain, it must present a power of attorney from the holder authorizing the management of the digital certification for that domain.

Other 2nd and 3rd level certificate authorities issue the server certificate without any domain ownership data validation process.

Do not trust a certificate issued by a certification authority without public recognition, as it can be cloned or issued to put a third party to misuse, leading to criminal actions.

Recognizing a secure site is very easy. Just pay attention to the details.

This site undergoes a periodic security audit that performs thousands of tests looking for flaws that could allow real hacker attacks, protecting your personal information from fraud.


Rosa Azul Kids respects the privacy of your data and is a 100% secure site. To personalize your browsing, we install cookies on your computer. These are alphanumeric identifiers that we transfer to your computer's drive to allow our system to recognize your browser.

10 tips for not making mistakes when shopping online

Buying online is certainly very comfortable, but it requires care, as the entire transaction is virtual. Following some tips you avoid headaches this end of the year. Check it out and happy shopping!

1) Is it Christmas? Buy in advance and choose well to avoid exchanges. The delivery time must be informed by the store, before closing the order, thus ensuring that the purchase will arrive on an appropriate date, considering Christmas.

2) Be wary of products with prices that are excessively below average;

3) Keep e-mails issued by stores, proof of payment, invoices or any other document or communication regarding your purchases;

4) Check reviews from people who have already used the service of the store you are interested in. Look for reviews from other customers;

5) Check if the online store informs EIN, telephone and address. It's a security in case you need to get information or even complain after the purchase;

6) Look for the security padlock in the address bar. This symbol indicates the use of an important feature for safer transactions;

7) Research the quality and suitability of the store. In many cases, on the store's website it is possible to consult the registered complaints and the answers that the companies give them;

8) Beware of fake emails and websites that can direct you to files with viruses;

9) Avoid shopping on public computers -- from an internet cafe, for example;

10) Take care of your computer's security. Keep your operating system and antivirus up to date.